Mobile Application of Green Gardens Azores Project
The application to support the visit to a group of Azorean gardens, became available to the public free of charge from the day April 22, 2019.

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Colloquium "Gardens and its visitors: purposes and communication strategies"
28 the July 30, 2019

Description of the Project Green Gardens - Azores

The gardens of the Azores are of significant heritage value, in terms of their history, botany and landscape. The aim of the project is the scientific and technological consolidation of “Garden Tourism” in the Azores, regarding its historic gardens as a specific tourist product with great potential to promote the destination. It raises research issues, such as, the assessment of the environmental, the patrimonial and aesthetic quality of the gardens, based on the findings in various subject areas; the correlations to be established between the vision of the experts and user experiences; and also the most effective communication strategies and mechanisms. It includes a triple component of research, training and the creation of an application for mobile devices and a GreenGA webpage. The scientific results and indicators include the organisation of international workshops and seminars, scientific publications and three informative brochures on the public gardens of São Miguel, Terceira and Faial. It should be pointed out that this project was integrated in the Portuguese tourist board’s strategic framework «Plano de Ação para o Desenvolvimento do Turismo em Portugal 2014-2020» [«Plan of Action for the Development of Tourism in Portugal 2014-2020»].

The main objectives of the project

Investigate, understand and disclose

Investigate, learn and publicize Azores' Gardens as part of a cultural tourism niche

Protect, conserve and improve

To protect, conserve and enhance the landscape heritage of the Azores, particularly of historic gardens

Enhance, enrich and evaluate

Improve, enrich and evaluate the experience of visitors

Specific objectives of the project

Creating scientifically sound contents, based on historic documentation
Designing and creating guiding materials to help visitors interpret the gardens; innovative solutions are envisaged, resorting to digital interactive storytelling (e.g. through smartphone apps) for a more engaging and enjoyable experience
Designing and testing marketing strategies tailored to various user profiles; a new brand is envisaged to help support a viable management model
Promoting knowledge transfer between researchers, managers, caretakers, owners and potential users of the gardens, in order to support strategic decisions concerning conservation

Activities and scientific results

  • A
    Organizing and participating in missions and scientific meetings

  • D
    Production of documents of support to the work field

  • B
    Articles published in journals with peer review

  • E
    Guidance and juries of academic work

  • C
    Articles in scientific meeting minutes and other popular articles

  • F
    Services and project stages

June 27 and 28, 2016 Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon - Lisbon
Rosalina Gabriel, Ana Moura Arroz, Isabel R. Amorim, Ana Fuentes Sanchez, Paul A. V. Borges Soares; I Soares Albergaria - "Diversity of uses in Public Gardens: A preliminary study in Angra do Heroísmo for the" Green Gardens - Azores "project", presented at the Flash Presentation at the Center's Annual Meeting for Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Changes ( CE3C)
June 29 and 30, 2016 Sala do Cabido da Misericórdia de Velas - S. Jorge
I. Soares de Albergaria: "Gardens Tourism in Madeira and the Azores: the historical dimension to the current state", Paper presented at the VI Colloquium of Velas Azores and Madeira: Pathways of memory and identity
November 7-9, 2016 Múrcia - Spain
J. Porteiro & I. Soares Albergaria - "The cultural dimension of the Azores landscapes. The contribution of historic gardens for sustainable tourism in the Region", presented to the XV Iberian Colloquium Geography: Straight y de la trends Iberian Geography
February 24 to 26, 2017 José do Canto garden's room (Rua José do Canto, 9 – Ponta Delgada)
International Colloquium: Garden Tourism in Portugal and around the World
I. S. Albergaria, J. M. Porter, A.M. Arroz, R. Gabriel, M. J. Pereira, C. Santos - Poster Presented at the International Conference: Garden Tourism in Portugal and around the World: "GREEN GARDENS - AZORES: A RESEARCH PROJECT OUTLINE»
July 22-30, 2017 Cornualha - United Kingdom
Field trip of the lead researcher (Isabel Albergaria) to Cornwall (UK) which included guided garden visits and meetings with those responsible for the management, prepared with the collaboration of Dr.David Jacques
September 22, 2017 Audiovisual Room - University of the Azores (Ponta Delgada)
Roundtable "Historic Gardens of the Azores - what is the future?," action taken under the European Heritage Days - Culture and Nature
October 11-13, 2017 UNIVERSITY OF Azores (Ponta Delgada)
I. S. Albergaria - a Member of the organizing Committee of the International Congress Culture, Sustainability and Place: Innovative approaches for Tourism Development, University of the Azores, CES/Thompson River University/OTA/UAc
October 11, 2017
R. Gabriel, A.M. Arroz, I. R. Amorim, A. F. Sanchez, P. A.V. Borges, J. M. Porteiro, M. J. Trota, C. Santos & I. S. Albergaria, "Uses and users's profile of the gardens in the azores: results from an exploratory methodology applied in the two gardens of Angra do Heroísmo – Azores (Portugal). A contribution to the Project by GreenGA". Oral presentation to the International Congress Culture, Sustainability and Place: Innovative approaches for Tourism Development, University of the Azores, CES/Thompson River University/OTA/UAc
October 13, 2017
I. S. Albergaria, J. Mora Porteiro, M.J. Trota, A.M. Arroz, R. Gabriel, C. Santos, «Historic Gardens of the Azores as a tourist attraction of the archipelago: a survey carried out by the European Founding research project “Green Gardens – Azores (GreenGA)». Oral presentation to the International Congress on Culture, Sustainability and Place: Innovative approaches for Tourism Development, Universidade dos Açores, CES/Thompson River University/OTA/UAc.
I. S. Albergaria, "Historical Gardens of the Azores through the lens of sustainable tourism: contributions of the green gardens project - Azores (greenga)", in the 12th meeting for the conservation of the Azores bullfinch. Biodiversity. Conservation, sustainability. Organization: the priolo's Environmental Center spea, and the land of priolo, auditorium of the public library and archive of Ponta Delgada.
28th February, 2018 Bolsa Turismo Lisboa (Parque Das Nações)
I.S. Albergaria, «As paisagens e os jardins históricos de Ponta Delgada como recurso para o Turismo Cultural» [«The parks and gardens of Ponta delgada as a resource for Cultural Tourism], lecture given at the invitation of the Ponta Delgada Municipal Council. Organisation: Associação de Municípios de São Miguel - Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa
2nd March, 2018 Biblioteca Publica e Arquivo Regional de Ponta Delgada
I. S. Albergaria, «Paisagens e jardins históricos como recursos estratégicos na conceção do Turismo Cultural» [«Historic parks and gardens as strategic resources in the development of Cultural Tourism»], lecture given during the III Encontros Daniel de Sá 2018. Turismo e Literatura. Organisation: Associação Daniel de Sá
28th April, 2018 Cité Nantes Events Center (France)
Paz, Eduarda & Albergaria, I.S., «Camellia collections in the Azores islands: perspectives on the study, conservation and promotion of their value for cultural tourism», paper given at the International Congress ICS Nantes 2018, Cité Nantes Events Center.
12th September, 2018 Universidade da Madeira, Funchal
Pereira; M.J.; Quintal, R., Costa, C. & Albergaria, I. (2018). Green Gardens Project: A brief characterization of the vascular flora in the Azores’ historical gardens. P: 33 in Abstract book of the FloraMac 2018, September 12th to15th, Funchal, Portugal, paper delivered at the FloraMac International Congress 2018
November, 24 & 26, 2018 Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon
Gabriel, R., Aleffi, M., Benedictis, M., Polaino, C., Cruz, R., Borges, P.A.V. & Albergaria, I., «Bryophytes of Azorean parks and gardens: Mata-Jardim de José Canto (São Miguel Island)», paper presented at XXII Symposium of Cryptogamic Botany. (
Exhibition “Plants and Gardens. The Passion for Ornamental Horticulture in São Miguel Island” Carried out in partnership with the projet Green Gardens – Azores and Public Library and Arquive of Ponta Delgada.
March 15, 2019 Bolsa de Turismo de Lisboa, FIL
Isabel S. Albergaria & Ricardo Cruz, pre-launch of the app within the schedule of the Azores Pavilion at BTL 2019. “Mobile Aplication to the project Green Gardens – Azores”
April, 30 to May 8, 2019 University of the Azores
International Seminar “Cultural and Aestecic Values of Landscape”, with Emeritus Professor from Berkeley (UC) Marc Edward Treib. Organization: GreenGA; FCSH. Sponcers: Fundação Luso-Americana para o desenvolvimento; CHAM-Açores, American Corner.
June 29 & 30, 2019 Jardim Botânico do Faial
Internaional Colloquium “Gardens and their visitors: purpuses and strategies of communication”. Organization of the project GreenGA in partnership with Parque Ilha do Faial & Azorina.
Jully 29, 2019 Auditório do Jardim Botânico do Faial
Albergaria, I.S, «Interpretation and Meaning in the Historical Gardens: the case study of the historical gardens of the Azores», paper presented at the International Colloquium “Gardens and teir visitors: purpuses and strategies of communication, GreenGA/DRCT/DRA.
September 1, 2019 Amphitheatre VII of Universisity of the Azores
Albergaria, I.S, Arroz, A.M.; Gabriel, R. & Porteiro, J., «Garden Tourism in the Azores: what perspectives?», paper presented at the International Congress of Senior Tourism.
Magazine of social sciences
C.Castel-Branco & I.Soares Albergaria – “The Azores Lake Gardens as touristic asset: using the visual preferences method/Los jardines de los lagos de las Azores como bem turístico: estudio por el método de preferencias visuales”, Methaodos. Revista de Ciencias Sociales - págs 182-193. (
Pérez Santa-Rita, J.V., Ros-Prieto, A., Vieira, V., Karsholt, O., Gabriel, R. & Borges, P.A.V. (2018). New records of moths (Insecta, Lepidoptera) from urban gardens on Terceira Island with new data on recently introduced species to the Azores. Arquipelago Life and Marine Sciences, 35: 47-65.
Albergaria, I. S Ed. (2019). Plants and Gardens. The Passion for Ornamental Horticulture in São Miguel Island. Ponta Delgada: BPARPD/GreenGA
Arteaga, Alba; Malumbres-Olarte, Jagoba; Gabriel, Rosalina; Ros-Prieto, Alejandra; Casimiro, Pedro; Fuentes Sanchez, Ana; Albergaria, Isabel; A.V. Borges, Paulo (2019). «Plant colonization status influence arthropod community structure in two Historic Gardens in the Azores, Portugal». Insects-679546 (submited 12-12-2019. In press).
Pereira, M.J.; Quintal, R.; Costa, C & Albergaria, I. Green Gardens Azores Project: A brief characterization of the vascular flora in the Azores’ historical gardens. Scientia Insularum (in press)
Polaino-Martin, C.P., Gabriel, R., Borges, P.A.V., Cruz, R. & Albergaria, I.S. (2020). Bryophytes of Azorean parks and gardens (I): “Pinhal da Paz Recreation Forest Reserve” - São Miguel Island. Archipelago. Life and Marine Sciences 37: 1 – 20. (
Artega, A., Malumbres-Olarte, J., Gabriel, R., Ros-Prieto, A., Casimiro, P., Fuentes Sanchez, A., Albergaria, I.S. & Borges, P.A.V. (2020). Arthropod diversity in two Historic Gardens in the Azores, Portugal. Biodiversity Data Journal, 8: e54749 DOI: 10.3897/BDJ.8.e54749 (IF2019: 1.311; Q3 Biodiversity Conservation)
Pereira, M.J.; Quintal, R.; Costa, C.; Albergaria, I (2020). Green Gardens Azores Project: A brief characterization of the vascular flora in the Azores’ historical Gardens. Scientia Insularum, 3: 11-26.
Dali International Camellia Congress 2016
E. Paz & I. Soares Albergaria – Camellia cultivars and early gardening catalogues in Portugal, in Proceedings of Dali International Camellia Congress, Dali. Yunnan. China, 2016
XV Iberian Colloquium of Geography
J.Porteiro & I. Soares Albergaria - "The cultural dimension of the Azores landscapes. The contribution of historic gardens for sustainable tourism in the region." In Ramon Garcia Marin; Francisco Alonso Sarria; Belmonte Serrato Francisco; Daniel Muñoz Moreno (Eds.), XV Colloquium Iberian Geography 2016. Proceedings [CD-ROM]. Asociación geographers Españoles, pp.656-664. ISBN 978-84-944193-4-8.
My Plan Magazine, nº5
I. Soares de Albergaria - "Hand in hand with the magic of nature," My Plan Magazine, No. 5, January-January / Feb-March, 2017, pp.34-35.
My Plan Magazine, nº5
M. J. Pereira - "Flora in the José do Canto Woodland Garden", My Plan Magazine, no. 5, January - January/February-February, 2017, pp. 36-37.
My Plan Magazine, nº7
I. Soares de Albergaria-«Camellias or Japonese Roses», My Plan Magazine, no. 7, May-June/May-June, 2017, pp. 44-46.
My Plan Magazine, nº9
I. Soares de Albergaria, «Jardim Botânico do Faial: o reencontro com a flora nativa», My Plan Magazine, nº9, setembro-outubro/Sept-Oct., 2017, pp. 30-31.
Azores and Madeira: Identity Paths and Memory
Garden tourism in Madeira and the Azores: from its historical dimension to current scenario", paper presented at the VI Conference of Velas, Açores e Madeira: Percursos de Memória e Identidade. Coord. A. Vieira and D.N. Chaves. Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Velas, 2017, pp. 187-207.
Albergaria, I.S. (2018). “The legacy of True Passion for Horticulture. Gardens of São Miguel, The Azores”, Hortus. Nº 128 WINTER 2018:40-43. ISSN: 0950-1657.
Albergaria, I. S. (2019), «Green Gardens – Azores. A RIS3 project», NO Revista, Nº51, May 2019 ISSN: 2183-4768
Inventory Sheet
A datasheet has been prepared that will serve to gather information on each garden, in conjunction with other inventories of already tested gardens and the database.
Cooperation Protocol OTA & IEJP & MRSH
With reference to the European Landscape Convention (20 October 2000), the Observatory for Tourism in the Azores (OTA), the Institut Européen des Jardins & Paysages (IEJ & P) and the Maison de la Recherche en Sciences Humaines de Caen (MRSH) have signed a cooperation protocol aimed at building a European database of gardens. This initiative seeks to encourage exchanges among experts on a multidisciplinary basis that crosses environmental sciences, humanities and the arts with information and communication technologies (ICT).
July 31, 2017 visitor survey
A survey to visitors of the gardens was carried out. The implementation of the survey took place between July 31 and August 30 in S. Miguel and September 4 to 15 September on the island of Faial under the supervision of the Professor Ana Moura Arroz
July 11, 2016 University of the Azores
M.J. Trota (advisor) e I. Soares Albergaria (member) of the master's degree thesis of Cátia Faria Freitas entitled "The Ex Situ Conservation of the Azores Native Plants in the Botanic Garden of Faial".
December 13, 2016 University of the Azores
Master's degree in Pre-School Education and 1st Cycle Teaching by Ana Sofía Mendes Ribeiro Ferreira Simões, entitled "Opportunities for contact with nature in the city: practices of citizenship in pre-school education and in the 1st cycle of Basic Education."
2nd Semester 2016/2017 University of the Azores
M. J. Pereira (advisor) of the ERASMUS student stage Júlia Albert Varela, School year 2016/2017. Phenological record, herborization, collection of images and description of the floristic cast of Jardim José do Canto.
July 14, 2017 University of the Azores
M. J. Pereira (advisor) and I. S. Albergaria (member) of the jury of the defense of final project of student Ana Silva for the class "Project", within the degree of Biology. The project was entitled "Phenological, herborization and collection record and pictures and description of the floristic cast of Jardim do Palácio de Sant’Ana.
May 2019
Registration of the PhD thesis of Mestre Carina Amaral Costa, under the guidance of Doctors Maria João Pereira, Paulo Monjardino and António Trota, with the title: Contribution to the knowledge of ornamental flora in the Azores: Identification and Characterization of the Terra Nostra Park Floristic List through of the Implementation of a Geographic Information System in situ.
July 28, 2020
Defense of the Report of the Project discipline of the degree course in Biology by student Carolina Mendes Amaro de Almeida with the theme: “Interpretation and analysis of the Catalog of Plants Grown by José do Canto in 1847 in Jardim de Sant´Ana, Project oriented by Professors Maria João Pereira and Isabel Soares de Albergaria.
Hiring of a nature conservation technician
Hiring of a nature conservation technician and master in environmental sciences for the research project Green Gardens Azores. The main activity carried out by the contractor is to support the implementation of scientific tasks as well as contribute to other activities within the overall objectives of the project.
Erasmus program
Two interns from the Erasmus Program and one biology student from the University of the Azores were hired.
Contract for services
Foi celebrado um contrato de prestação de serviços com o Doutor Raimundo Quintal com os seguintes objetivos: a) proceder à identificação das árvores e outras plantas que integram coleções marcantes na imagem dos jardins; b) ceder fotografias relativas às espécies identificadas; c) colaborar na elaboração de inventários florísticos para cada jardim, incluindo elementos como o nome científico da espécie, família, o nome vulgar em português e inglês, a origem geográfica, o porte, o período de folheação e a época de floração; d) apoiar a entidade promotora do projeto na elaboração dos roteiros de árvores e das coleções notáveis; e) colaborar no fornecimento de conteúdos para a página web do projeto;

Sheet Technical Green Gardens - AzoresÇORES-2020-FEDER_SET2016-1140x88.png
Project name: Green Gardens - Azores
Main purpose: to contribute to the promotion of the historic gardens of the Azores as a quality tourism asset associated with nature, culture and welfare through conceptualization and development of garden tourism (TJ). This will include: 1. Producing content for visitors based on multi-disciplinary scientific research; 2. Design and implementation of communication and promotion strategies, giving priority to ICT, namely through the establishment of a mobile application; 3. Design and test market strategies tailored to different user profiles, with a view to create a brand that makes the economic exporation and cultural management of the gardens of the Azores; 4. To foster the transfer of knowledge among researchers, managers, curators, owners and potential users of the gardens, in order to support strategic decisions leading to the conservation and development of historic gardens of the Azores.
BENEFICIARY ENTITY: Observatory of Tourism of the Azores, in co-promotion with the University of the Azores, and the Foundation Gaspar Frutuoso
DESCRIPTION: The international recognition of the gardens of the Azores has shown encouraging signs. In 2014 the "Terra Nostra" park was featured among 270 of the world's best gardens (Gardeners Garden, Phaidon), and in 2013 was awarded the Garden of Excellence (ICS). The realization of 5 international meetings of Camellias Ancient and the organization of several tours theme are proof of the potential of the Destination. Thus, the project “Green Gardens – Azores” aims to contribute to the recognition of the historical gardens of the Azores – recovering the role of the past – as a quality tourism product associated with nature, culture and well-being, through the conceptualization and development of garden tourism (TJ). This project has been integrated into the strategic benchmark of “Action Plan for the Development of Tourism in Portugal 2014-2020”
RESULTADOS: Implementação de networking entre parceiros locais, nacionais e internacionais; Criação de uma App, webpage e outros dispositivos destinados a visitas autónomas aos jardins; Publicação de 3 obras de divulgação científica; Participação em eventos científicos nacionais e internacionais com vista à divulgação dos resultados científicos do projeto; Realização de ações promocionais do produto "Jardins Históricos dos Açores"

Research Unit Promoter

History Center d'd'Behind and Beyond the Sea (
CHAM - Humanities Center
FCSH - Universidade Nova de Lisboa
University of the Azores


University of the Azores (
Gaspar Frutuoso Foundation (

Lead Researcher



Professor Cristina Castel-Branco (PhD)
Professor Paulo Borges (PhD)
Raimundo Quintal (PhD)
Ana Duarte Rodrigues (PhD)
Eduarda Paz (Master's degree)


CMPDL - Head of Division of Development and Monitoring Municipal Equipment

CMAH - Councilor for the Environment

President of APJSH

Carina Costa - Parque Terra Nostra

Engº Moniz da Ponte - Agronomy Specialist associated with traditional cultures

Faial Botanical Garden Coordinator

Chairman of the Board of Directors of José do Canto Foundation

Bensaude (Administration)

Teófilo José Soares Braga - Environmental Education Specialist

João Sampaio Forjaz - Specialist in cultivating of Camellias

Regional Forest Resources Director

Coordinator of SPEA (Portuguese Society of Study of Birds)

Chief Cabinet Presidency Government of the Azores

Margarida Jacome Correia - Administration of Mata-Jardim José do Canto

Maximilian Schönherr - Journalist expert in IT and multimedia development

Isabel Amorim Rosario - Specialist in communication activities / dissemination of science

João Alves - Observatory of the Azores Tourism

Dina Santos - Observatory of the Azores Tourism


Observatory of the Azores Tourism

Avenida Infante D. Henrique, 71 - Office. 101
Solmar Avenida Center
9504-529 Ponta Delgada

Phone: 296 287 237

Lead researcher:
- Isabel Soares Albergaria (CHAM)